Slomovitz Elite 

  • How do you pronounce “Slomovitz”?
    • That is a question I get all the time. When broken down it’s quite simple. “Slow-mo-vitz (like ritz but with a V)”. But to tell you the truth most people just use Mr.Slomo, the kids tend to enjoy saying it like that anyways.
  • How many times a week should my child or I come to class?
    • Students are encouraged to attend both class days that are available (Wednesday and Saturday). Repetition is key. Most of the techniques and forms taught are learned through muscle memory. If for some reason you can’t get to class you are able to attend a makeup class during any of the schedule class times at our affiliated school in Westerville (Perdue’s Westerville Taekwondo).
  • What are the Uniform requirements?
    • Each student is issued an official Taekwondo America Uniform upon enrollment. All students are required to wear either their full uniform or their uniform pants, a souvenir Taekwondo America T-shirt from an event or a SET T-shirt and belt. Female students should wear a plain white T-shirt under their uniform jacket when in full uniform. Uniforms should be clean and free of holes.
    Should students practice at home?
    • Practicing at home is not required provided that students attend both classes during the week. However, if students wish to practice at home, it should be done in an approved area with plenty of space. Board breaking should not be done until the student is taught how to do it in class. Parents can help by holding a target, watching forms and asking questions. But please, don't try to teach, from the first day on your child now knows more about taekwondo then you do. Attempting to coach at home will be counterproductive and lead to confusion in class.
    How do I find out what is happening in the school?
    • Bi-weekly emails will be sent out to keep everyone up to date. We also suggest you check the Upcoming Events on the web page. For class Cancellations due to weather, check out the front page of the web page or our facebook pages.
    What if my child uses Taekwondo at home or at school?
    • Let me (Mr. Slomovitz) know IMMEDIATELY. I understand that students might be excited or tempted to show off or demonstrate what they’ve learned to others, but this can be dangerous. Please inform me as soon as possible so that we can take steps to correct the situation.
    What is expected from the students?
    • The main thing that I expect early on is a positive attitude and willingness to learn. Technique is important and will grow naturally within each student as time progresses. The main thing to focus on is putting in the effort to achieve those short term goals, which will lead to achieving each student’s long term goals.
    How do the students earn colored "stripes" in class?
    • Each stripe is earned in class for achieving a short term goal that breaks up the requirements for advancement from one belt to the next.
    How long does it take to become a Black Belt?
    • It is mathematically possible to become a Black Belt in just under 2.5 to 3 years. However, it takes most people longer to attain that rank. But remember, Black Belt is the beginning, not the end, of serious training. Black Belt indicates that the wearer is a serious student of the art.
    What do the stripes down the pants mean? What do the different collars mean?
    • The different colored collars signify the certification level the instructor has attained. The thin red collar indicates that the instructor has passed the physical, written and oral test to enter our instructor training program as a level 1 instructor. They know all the materical and are now learning how to teach it. The thick red collar indicates that the instructor has graduated through teaching and training to be a level 2 instructor and can teach slightly more automously. The thin black collar indicates that the student has passed a second strict physical, written and oral exam and has attended various national training seminars and can teach automously. The thick black collar indicates that the instructor is Sr. Certified. A Sr. Certified Instructor is the highest instructor level short of Master and indicates that the instructor has passed all national certification requirements and has attended several national training conferences. Sr. Certified Instructors are capable of and may now open a school of their own if they wish. Lastly, there is Master Instructor. I don't think I need to explain that one. Masters are given a black stripe down the arm of the uniform. The stripe down the leg of the uniform indicates that the students is a 4th Degree or above.
    Why don’t you wear Chest Protectors when sparring?
    • The answer is very simple. Students need to be hit. When a chest protector is utilized students allow the chest protector to take the hit instead of learning how to move, deflect, and block appropriately to not get hurt in a more real situation when the chest protector is not there. The only way that a student learns effective defense is by having to defend against something that will actually hit their body. Now in saying that our sparring is still focused on control, that way we can also build upon good technique as well as minimize injuries.
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